Georgia Taylor Brown 2020 Triathlon World Champion

The British has achieved victory in Hamburg and her first world title.

After the male test where Vicent Luis has achieved its second ITU World Cup, it was the turn of the women's event where the favorite was last year's champion Katie Zaferes.

The first out of the water was Jessica Learmonth followed by Therese Feuersiner and Cassandre Beaugrand at 3 seconds. Katie Zaferes was fifth at 7 seconds and Anna Godoy 14th to 14 seconds.

Carolina Routier was 22nd to 22 seconds, Miriam Casillas 27th to 32nd, Sara Pérez 33rd to 36th and Xisca Tous 53rd to 51st from Learmonth.

In the cycling segment, a duet formed by Flora Duffy and Therese Feuersiner was formed trying to leave, but closely followed by 19 triathletes with the rest of the favorites. Anna Godoy was in the group leading the second group by 43 seconds in the first lap.

In the fourth turn, the group broke up forming a group of 12 units with Duffy, Learmonth, Zaferes, Taylor Brown, Spivey or Klamer. Beat another group of 20 in 5 seconds with Beaugrand and Rappaport.

 On reaching T2, the lead group with Jessica Learmonth at the head was 45 seconds ahead of the chasing group.

At the start of the foot race a trio was formed with Flora Duffy, Jessica Learmonth and Georgia Taylor Brown marching forward, attempting to break up the group.

Taylor Brown with a strong rhythm from the beginning has gone ahead leaving Duffy in second position chased by a group consisting of Spivey, Learmonth and Lindermann

Georgia Taylor Brown he knew how to keep the advantage to finally get the victory with a time of 54.16.Flora Duffy (54:25) was second and Laura Lindermann (54: 39) third.

Georgia Taylor Brown who was second in the 2019 World Cup has achieved her first ITU World Cup in the elite category. In 2012 he won the Junior championship

As for the Spanish in the test Anna Godoy has been the 36th,  Miriam Casillas has been the 40th, Sara Perez the 43rd, Carolina Routier the 46ª and Xisca Tous the 56ª


Pos Name Country Time Difference
1 Georgia Taylor-Brown  GBR 0:54:16
2 Flora Duffy  BER 00:54:25 0:00:10
3 Laura Lindemann  GER 00:54:39 0:00:24
4 Taylor Spivey  USA 00:54:47 0:00:32
5 Katie Zaferes  USA 00:54:50 0:00:35
6 Maya Kingma  NED 00:54:53 0:00:38
7 Jessica Learmonth  GBR 00:55:18 0:01:03
8 Rachel Klamer  NED 00:55:26 0:01:11
9 Lotte miller  NOR 00:55:29 0:01:14
10 Therese Feueringer  TUE 00:55:32 0:01:17
36 Anna Godoy Contreras  ESP 00:57:01 0:02:46
40 Miriam Casillas García  ESP 00:57:21 0:03:06
43 Sara Perez Sala  ESP 00:57:28 0:03:13
46 Carolina Routier  ESP 00:57:37 0:03:22
56 Xisca Tous  ESP 00:58:29 0:04:14

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