Gyms may open in Phase 2

In Phase 2 it is allowed to open for 30% capacity

This coming Monday, May 25, 53% of Spaniards will be starting in Phase 1, completely abandoning Phase 0 throughout the national territory.

In addition, 47% of the population, 2 million people, will pass to the Phase.

Check here the measures that are allowed in each Phase.

In Phase 1 you could by appointment

In the areas where they were in Phase 1, gyms were allowed to open but only for individual activity, by appointment and provided that it did not involve contact with other people.

In Phase 2 it is allowed to open for 30% capacity

In the provinces that pass to Phase 2, the gyms will be able to extend their opening up to 30% of their occupation, as long as the rules of social distancing that other public establishments have are maintained.

The sports activity will require prior appointment with the managing entity of the facility. To do this, time shifts will be organized, outside of which you will not be able to stay at the facility.

Only a coach may enter with the athletes if it is necessary, a circumstance that must be duly accredited. Persons with disabilities or minors who require the presence of a companion are excepted.

The changing rooms may be used, respecting the provisions for this purpose in the general prevention and hygiene measures against COVID-19 indicated by the health authorities.

The measures to be implemented in gyms

The following measures to be taken are presented in the Plan for the reconstruction and activation of Spanish sport

  • It will have to establish some access protocols and operation in your facilities, which must include at least the following measures:
  • Establecer hygiene, control and disinfection measures in the accesses to the facility and rooms for its users.
  • Establecer cleaning and disinfection protocols permanent by the staff of the center of the rooms and machinery.
  • Identify potential people with high risk potential and take the appropriate measures.
  • Reduction of the number of users allowed by time slot in the Center and Rooms according to the social security distance.

You can read the regulations published in the BOE

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