The Giro d'Italia Virtual hosted by BKOOL starts today

El Giro d'Italia Virtual hosted by BKOOL, an indoor cycling project developed by RCS Sport in collaboration with BKOOL, begins this Friday, October 15 at noon.

The event will offer cycling enthusiasts the opportunity to shoot on real stages of the Giro d'Italia from home, using your own bike and a smart cycling trainer or a Smart Bike.

This is possible thanks to a new technology of immersive simulation developed by BKOOL, which combines HD video with 3D elements for the most realistic indoor cycling experience ever.

This exclusive project will allow any cycling fan to immerse themselves in the most emblematic routes of the Giro d'Italia over three phases with different groups of stages, which will run until May 2022.

In addition, each week virtual Group Rides will be held together with cycling stars such as Chris Froome, Sergio Higuita or the three-time world champion Óscar Freire.

If you have a smart trainer, a Smart Bike, or simply a conventional cycling trainer accompanied by a sensor such as a speedometer or a potentiometer, you can sign up to participate in

The three great rounds

The Giro d'Italia Virtual hosted by BKOOL consists of three large blocks of stages that will take place from October 2021 to May 2022:

  • Great Partenza - Part 1 (from October 15, 2021 to January 2, 2022).
  • Great Partenza - Part 2 (from January 14 to April 3, 2022). - Grande Arrivo (from May 6 to 29, 2022).

The first round, Grande Partenza - Part 1 is the block that starts this Friday and comprises four stages with routes and official videos of the Giro d'Italia last May. Specifically, the first four stages are:

  • Stage 1: Torino TISSOT IT (8,3 km).
  • Stage 2: Verbania - Alpe Motta (8,7 km).
  • Stage 3: Perugia - Montalcino (25 km).
  • Step 4: Milan TISSOT ITT (25 km).

Scores and Awards

In addition to enjoying the experience of riding on the same routes as professional cyclists, participants will earn points for each stage completed.

Simply by registering at , they get the first point (+1). From there, each stage they complete adds a new point to their scoreboard (+1) and at the end of an entire round, two more points (+2) are added.

In the final round, Grande Arrivo, the score is double and in addition, the points obtained in the previous rounds are also accumulated for this last block.

The more points the participants add, the more likely they are to win in the big draws that will be held throughout the event.

These raffles will include gifts such as VIP invitations to the Giro d'Italia 2022 and next year's great Italian Classics, official Giro d'Italia jerseys, cycling equipment of all kinds, BKOOL Premium coupons and many more surprises.

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