The Government does not give permission to go running

"We will progressively take other measures. And hopefully it will be as soon as possible",

Yesterday, the Prime Minister Pedro Sánchez announced that the children under 12 years old can go outside accompanied by an adult from April 27.

But at the moment the Government will not give permission to leave the house to exercise, which was one of the measures that unconfinement was studied in a first stage, although it does not rule out doing it soon.

«We will gradually take other measures. And hopefully it will be as soon as possible, "has been his response. «

«It would be a very serious mistake if we now ceded to the virus the land that we have gained this month «

It would be, in my opinion, in the judgment of the Government, a very serious error if we now ceded to the virus the land that we have gained during this long month, "Sánchez has justified not taking further measures of unconfinement for now in the diary

The outputs of the little ones will be limited

 The duration or the distance of the walks will be some of the conditions that the Executive will have to decide soon based on the recommendations that the experts in childhood have sent him, as well as what the scientific committee says.

In principle, this "relief" will be for minors up to twelve years of age, which is the benchmark established by the public health law. However, Sánchez has pointed out that it is the "starting point": "We have to do it under the protection and advice of the expert committee."

The de-escalation phase will start from May 10

Sánchez has also confirmed that the de-escalation phase will start from May 10 in a "cautious and progressive" manner and will be different in each territory depending on the expansion of COVID-19.

Playing sports could be approved by May 11 if Spain meets the requirements

In addition, Sánchez has recognized that deconfinition measures will begin to be adopted in a subsequent extension of the state of alarm on May 10, if Spain meets the requirements established by the WHO.

The lack of confidence will be for territories

These measures will be carried out "cautiously and progressively" and also by territories, given that the incidence of covid-19 is not the same in some municipalities as in large cities, as well as the possibilities of contagion.


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