Gómez Noya: this is a day in hell

Rooibos-type African red tea, one and a half orange and grapefruit juice, a fruit plate (pineapple, mango, pear and kiwi), some walnuts, sesame bread toasts, rye, wheat, corn and raisins with tomato, olive oil Olive, butter and homemade jam make up the daily breakfast of the iron man of world sport.

The best triathlete on the planet is now ready for a day in full load season, which was attended this week by La Voz de Galicia. Javier Gómez Noya from Ferrol (Basel, 1983) has to accumulate a brutal kilometrage by swimming, cycling and running, to fly in a few months and stay in shape until September, when the season will end in Beijing.

Stylized figure, he distributes his 70 kilos on his 178 centimeters in height. “We need strength. But the image of the ironman as a wardrobe is not ideal for us. In tests of many hours, the less bodywork you drag, the better ”, explains the two-time world champion.

In the notebook of the Asturian Omar González, his shadow wherever he trains or where he competes, the annual planning is drawn. Mastodontic figures that tire just by reading them. “In the weeks with the highest load, he does 40 kilometers of swimming, about 700 on the bike when we focus on that segment and 130 of running on a third stage.

The maximum charges do not match at the same time, which would be inhumane. We are adjusting them ", clarifies the coach of Gómez Noya, who projects the amounts to a whole year:" In 2009, when he was half injured and overturned on the bike, he came to do 15.000 kilometers of cycling [twice the distance between Madrid and Bombay], and he usually completes 3.000 on foot [the equivalent of the round trip A Coruña-Paris] and 1.200 by swimming [more than joining London and Ferrol] ».

«I like this stage. Each one has its charm, "smiles Gómez Noya on the banks of the Lérez. Overcoming, the essence of sport, allows you to endure almost everything. He never collapsed in the race or fell without energy, as is often the case in a tough discipline such as triathlon. Yes, his rivals recently collapsed

Shattered by the infernal rhythm of the Ferrol, Englishman Alistair Brownlee stumbled across the London finish line last summer, needing immediate medical attention. In the last round of the World Cup, the Olympic champion Jan Frodeno broke down to a modest 41st spot.


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But the suffering is latent during the preseason. “Sometimes I would come home and couldn't sleep, because of the pain in my legs, how tired I was. Now he knows how to dose himself better, also training », explains Omar González

Rocky as a triathlete, a gentleman as a partner, a Sports Science student in his few spare time, Gómez Noya is ignored as a claim by the Galician brands. From America, Iron Man receives the best sponsorship offers.

Coca Cola was the last to exploit its image. The multinational company saw in Ferrol the perfect image to promote its sports drink, Powerade. His sculpted body, a product of the intensive training he undergoes, also wears Specialized bikes, helmets and shoes, Hed wheels, Champion System clothing, Suunto watches, Oakley glasses, Zoot shoes and wetsuits, and bars. Mulebar energy sources.


Source www.lavozdegalicia.es

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