Gómez Noya training hard for Stockholm, Des Moines and London

After closing July with a 3ª square and a victory in the triathlons of Hamburg (World Series) and Zurich (5150 Professional Circuit) Javier Gómez Noya he is spending the month of August in his house in Pontevedra training to the top in front of three tests of the highest level and repercussion: 25 August World Series Stockholm, 1 September the final of the USA Professional Circuit in Des Moines and final of the World Series in LondonIt's the 15 of September.



 There have been changes in plans and Javi has taken the decision to play Stockholm - on Olympic Distance unlike 2012 when Sprint Distance was and 2 was behind Jonatahn Brownlee - in order to achieve points for the World Cup: "I already know that I only have to stay 1º or 2º to discard my fourth worst result, which is the 3º of Hamburg; but if I want to win the general I can not allow the Brownlee to do 1º and 2º in Stockholm and arrive in London with more points than me. It is a decision that may seem risky, but I see it as necessary."


Also with the particularity that being the US test the following week with classic cycling regulations, at least one session a week is on the Specialized Shiv goat instead of on the road bike "It is not the same position or the type of effort to go at a sustained pace, but ultimately everything is to give pedals. In Des Moines there is a lot of money in prizes and repercussions for the sponsors and I want to win there as I did in 2012 ".


The decision to compete in Stockholm again makes it clear that Javi does not conform to the Brownlee and is able to beat them, something he has not yet been able to achieve in 2013 and that he hopes to do both in the Swedish event and in the final of London the 15 of September in the same scenario of the unforgettable JJOO. It will do or not, but what is undeniable is that in August is putting all the meat on the spit in each of the sessions of swimming, cycling and athletics. As it should be in the leader of the World Series.

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