Gómez Noya wins the Spanish Acuatlon Championship

Javier Gómez Noya, two-time world triathlon champion, added a new title to his already extensive list of successes, the Spanish Aquathlon Championship, which he won yesterday in Ferrol. In the aquathlon there is no bicycle sector, as in the triathlon: the participants face a 2,5 kilometer run on foot, a kilometer of swimming and when they leave they run again 2,5 kilometers on foot.

Gómez Noya had no rival, he set his own pace and escaped in the first sector of the foot race, so he already did the swimming sector alone and without any opponent forcing him to change the pace that he himself imposed. Coming out of the water, his advantage was even greater, so the second section of the race on foot was already a walk among the cheers and congratulations of the fans who gathered on the margins of the Avenida del Mar de Caranza circuit, in Ferrol.

He crossed the finish line in first place with a time of 28.33. Second place went to Jorge Naranjo, 46 ​​seconds behind, and third place was occupied by Jesús Gomar, 52 seconds behind. The first three classified are triathletes from the Cidade de Lugo Fluvial.

Source: www.lavozdegalicia.es

In women, the German Ricarda Lisk won, with 32.55, who did not score for the Spanish Championship, which finally went to Carolina Routier, 25 seconds behind.

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