Gómez Noya starts the season on Saturday in Australia

The best triathlete on the planet starts his machine. Javier Gómez Noya returns to international competition 206 days after celebrating his second world champion title in Budapest. As in the last seasons, the Ferrolan athlete begins his journey in the Antipodes. On Friday, he traveled to Australia to set up his hub in Noosa, on the east coast. On Saturday he faces his first test and two weeks later begins the defense of his crown.

Gómez Noya travels with his personal trainer, Omar González, and is part of a training group in Noosa that also includes teammates like Australian Greg Bennet, former world number one. After a stopover in Dubai and landing in Brisbane, he settled in last Saturday night. It has just enough time to acclimatize to jet lag and Oceania weather conditions at this time, when the southern autumn begins.

The Ferrolan triathlete disconnected from high competition with a long period of rest in autumn and began to pound in winter. The times of greatest load came in different training cycles developed in Fuerteventura, Punta Umbría and Pontevedra, where he has lived for almost ten years.

Fine to start

Omar González celebrates that the preseason went as planned, free from the great problem of any athlete, injuries. So Gómez Noya faces his first competitions in the right way. It is not at its peak, but it is in a position to dispute the first places for the best. In the planning for 2011 two tests are specially marked, the European Championship in Pontevedra on June 26 and the World Cup final in Beijing on September 11.

Debuts on Saturday (9.00 Spanish time) in Mooloolaba. She faces a test of the World Cup, now converted into the second-level international calendar, but with a long tradition.

In principle, it is a first contact. The real battle will begin on April 9 in Sydney. The race opens the calendar of six tests plus a grand final in Beijing that crowns the world champion. The peculiar scoring system, which computes the four best results of each triathlete - with at least one of them outside Europe - plus the grand finale, encourages enormous competitiveness at the opening of the circuit.

All the major rivals for the title are registered for the Sydney event: Alistair and Jonathan Brownlee, Jan Frodeno, Brad Kahlefeldt, Courney Atkinson… The Australian race will offer a first impression of what the season may hold. Next, Gómez Noya will return to Galicia to alternate rest and competitions for a few weeks.

Japan in the air

Gómez Noya is also registered for the appointment of the World Championship to be held on May 15 in Yokohama (Japan). Despite the nuclear catastrophe in the country after the incidents at the Fukushima plant, the international federation is currently keeping the test on schedule. In any case, as he thought from the beginning, the Ferrolan will not come if he achieves a good result in Sydney, as confirmed by his environment.

Gomez Noya starts the season on Saturday in Australia

Travel and compete without stopping

2011 will once again take Gómez Noya around the world, in a journey in which he will have to travel and compete tirelessly. Her commitments with North American sponsors encourage her to compete in some event on the US circuit, in Los Angeles or Dallas. She has an invitation to defend her title at the World Cup in Huatulco (Mexico). She will participate in the World Cup tests in the Old Continent and will complete her calendar with the European Championship in Pontevedra and the appointments in which she represents her Spanish clubs, the City of Lugo Flunex, and French, the Sartrouville.

In total, it faces some 16 tests of maximum demand, among which it must make some discard. Gómez Noya has an almost guaranteed Olympic seat. Not so other great rivals, so a vibrant 2011 is expected.


Excellent swimmer, Galician record holder. It combines technique, power and experience in open water. It usually comes out of the water among the first.


Great specialist among triathletes. It has no problem in this sector to shoot at high intensities. Exceed the 90 pedals per minute.


One of the fastest in the world triathlon, he works to improve his sprint. Depending on the circuit, you can complete the final 10.000 in 29 minutes.

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