Gómez Noya: «When they crush you, there is no more to say»

The Galician Javier Gómez Noya, third in the World Cup event in Madrid, behind the brothers Alistair and Jonathan Brownlee, said that he gave "the best he had", but that "they were superior". «When they crush you there is nothing more to say. What most people pay attention to is the foot race. But the pace at which we went by bike was incredible. And that they are capable of running at the level they ran is something for which you can only congratulate them," explained Gómez Noya.

«The podium is not bad either when you measure yourself against someone like that. When you give it your all and there are two that have been stronger than you, the only thing you can do is congratulate them and keep working, "she said. «I did not have a great day running, but it is true that on the bike we work a lot. The ones who threw the most of the group, by far, were the Brownlees and me. We managed to open a gap and cut off many important rivals, "said the double world champion.

«When you work so hard, you make such a great effort and there are two guys who run faster than you and the rest you can't blame yourself for anything. Today I gave the best I had, but the Brownlees were much superior, "explained Gómez Noya, whose main objective this year is the European Championship that will be held at the end of the month in Pontevedra, where he lives.

"I hope to be a little better in three weeks. They will be there again and I am sure they will be very strong again, but each race is a different race. And being aware that when they are at their best it is very difficult to beat them, it is also true that I have managed it on occasion, "he said.

«I continue to work hard and simply seek to give the best of myself. If then there are two who go faster than you, in the end you can't do much, "said the Ferrolano, born in Basel (Switzerland) 28 years ago, who did admit that he and the British brothers are one step ahead of the others .

"Yeah. Taking into account how we work on the bike, with people in our group who were riding and still weren't able to ride at our level, that says a lot about the level we have. The two of them, first; and then me," she said.

«I run on the attack, I don't like to run on the defensive. And if there is a cut ahead, we get rid of many rivals. There were very good runners who were cut. And if they (the Brownlees) show up, I show up," he said.

«Another thing is that they did not shoot and I did. So you change the strategy. But when they work the same as you, you have to shoot. (German Olympic champion Jan) Frodeno, for example, did not shoot. But not because he was hidden. He didn't shoot because he couldn't. He was later seen running that he couldn't take it anymore, "concluded Gómez Noya.

Fuente: La Voz de Galicia

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