Gómez Noya: «I'm not happy»

Javier Gómez Noya, despite having regained the lead in the 2011 World Series after finishing sixth in Hamburg (Germany), declared that his "objective was another" and that he was "not" "happy".

The Ferrol took advantage of the absence of the Brownlee brothers -Alistair and Jonathan-, who relegated him to third place in Madrid, to regain the leadership given by not competing in the third round of the World Cup, won by the oldest of the English in Kitzbuehel (Austria ). But he is aware that on German soil he missed a golden opportunity to achieve a new victory that would have meant a more solid leadership.

"The leadership is anecdotal," declared the Galician champion. "My goal was different and I'm not happy," he said. «I was not well in the foot race and I could not get a better result. In swimming I was doing well and I came out of the water second. By bike I was fine, too, and I got off second, I think, out of a group of fifty-something, "said Gómez Noya.

“Running I felt good at first, but I was missing that little point of suffering. I kept pace with the heads as long as I could, but I lacked the change to leave them behind in the last lap ", explained the double world champion, also double European gold and triple winner of the World Cup of the Olympic sport that combines swimming with cycling and running.

«In the end, I had bad feelings, but a sixth has to be done, too. Despite this, I am not satisfied. The goal was to win, as always. But it couldn't be, ”he said. “Things don't always work out in sports and today I noticed that I need to be a bit fresher and recover my change on the last lap. In training I am to go faster. But then we have to prove it in the races, "explained Javi, who in three weeks will face the Brownlee brothers again in London, in the fifth stage of the" Dextro Energy World Series ", which will serve as a dress rehearsal for the Olympic test next year.

Gómez Noya will not only try to defend the leadership in the capital of the United Kingdom. He will also choose to repeat the victory achieved last season at the Hyde Park circuit. "The London race will be especially tough, not only because of the presence of the Brownlees, but because many are playing the Olympic places there," said Gómez Noya, who congratulated the members of the podium: the Australian Kahlefeldt, winner; Britain's Clarke, second; and the French Hauss, who finished third.

«They are always there and many times they stay at the door. I was not surprised by the result. They are very good and I am happy for them, "the double world triathlon champion explained to Efe.

Source: avoz.com

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