Gómez Noya «Julio» on a calendar

Javier Gómez Noya will hang on thousands of walls during July of next year. On August 1, David Cal will replace him. And a few months before, taekuondista Estefanía Hernández, athletes such as Pedro Nimo or Gustavo Nieves, or judoka Sara Álvarez will have passed through the same space.

The Begano company and the Fundación Deporte Galego have just published a calendar entitled Gallegos y Campeones, which brings together some of the best athletes in Galicia.

The presentation ceremony was held yesterday at the company's headquarters in A Coruña and was attended by the athlete Pedro Nimo, the wheelchair tennis players Álvaro Illobre and Martín Varela, Sara Álvarez and the canoeist David Cal, who acted as spokesperson.

The Olympic medalist from Aldán praised the quality of the photographs, taken by Xulio Rey. "The calendar is very well done, I think we are the best athletes in the community, although it is very complicated because there are more and more, since Galicia has become a power in sport," said Cal.

The more than eleven thousand copies that have been published will be distributed over the next few days by the Begano company among hospitality establishments in Galicia. For its part, the Galician Sport Foundation will deliver it to numerous sports clubs.

Source: lavozdegalicia.es

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