Gómez Noya: «I could not react to Brownlee's snatch

The Spanish triathlete Javier Gómez Noya commented that he could not react "to the start of Alistair", after finishing fourth in the fifth scoring round of the World Series, a result that is worth to maintain the leadership in the general of the Championship.

“Alistair's (Browlee) start caught me in the middle of the peloton and I couldn't react, but since we kept them several kilometers to about 15 seconds I didn't worry. Then, when Raña arrived, they escaped us because there was conformism and it seemed that they considered it impossible to win Alistair, "he said in statements provided by his press service

Gómez Noya fought at the end of the test for third place with Jonathan Brownlee. "He has raced to the top since making third was worth him to meet the criteria of his federation and secure the Olympic place with his brother and he barely took me ten seconds, so I cannot be disappointed," he explained.

As for the remainder of the championship, the triathlete was optimistic because he has put aside his annoyances. "I have run without the problems of the previous triathlons and that gives me morale for the two remaining appointments in Lausanne and Beijing," he said.

Source: globedia.com

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