Gómez Noya, «I want to do well in Vigo»

Gómez Noya returns to Samil, where he began to compete in 1998

Javier Gómez Noya lived in the Samil area one of his first triathlons in 1998. Thirteen years later, the Ferrol, recently arrived from Beijing, where he took third place in the World Cup, is delighted to return to Vigo. He does so assuming his favoritism and announcing that he will be in a position to fight for victory despite the advanced calendar. He also made it clear that he would think twice about participating in the Spanish Championship if it were not held in Galicia.

After playing thiathlon events in half the world, Gómez Noya still remembers the difficulty of the circuit. "In Samil I did one of my first triathlon in the year 98, I know that there is a climb on the bicycle that can make the route hard and I think it is a demanding circuit," he commented on Radio Voz, while confirming that competing at home makes the Sunday's test in particular: «Galicia is a plus, it's an extra motivation. Being a Spanish championship, if I go it is to try to do it well and try to win. If it weren't in Galicia, I would think about whether to participate or not for the date being at the end of the season and after a complicated trip from China, but the fact that it is in Vigo makes me want to do it well. It's exciting that it's so close to home ».


Yesterday morning he trained in Barcelona, ​​at noon he caught a plane on his way home and now he has four days to recover and to adapt to the change in the weather: «Let's hope he can recover well, more than because of the race itself, which was tough. , with cold and quite adverse conditions, because there was even ice, and now again you return to the change of climate and you have to adapt to other conditions like the ones we have here, and although it is not easy, I have already done it on other occasions after long trips. I had already experienced a similar situation in the 2009 Spanish Championship and it went well, therefore I am optimistic and I hope I can perform well. He also points out that he is in good shape.

The one who was world champion naturally assumes his role as favorite in Samil and even lists some of the casualties, but he does so without any kind of confidence: «I think I am the favorite based on the results, since in recent years I won the championship, and also rivals that could be dangerous such as Iván Raña and Mario Mola They will be in Japan competing in a world series event, but still you can't get lost because the level in Spain is getting higher and higher, there are very good people and you have to be focused that it will be a difficult race to win it.

«I know that there is a climb on the bicycle that can make the journey hard; it is a demanding circuit »

Source: lavozdegalicia.es

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