Gómez Noya receives the silver caravel

The triathlete, bronze in the last Olympic distance World Championship, thanked the distinction in a packed Jofre theater, but declared himself optimistic and ambitious for the future: «I always think that the best is yet to come. Looking ahead to London 2012, we are extra motivated to bring success to Ferrol”.


Javier Gómez Noya received the main award of a Gala do Deporte Ferrolán that distinguished more than fifty athletes, coaches and leaders. During the award ceremony, which returned to the Jofre, performances by the municipal music band and the Magician Martín Varela were interspersed.

References to the upcoming London Olympics were continuous. The goalkeeper Iria Grandal, who received the Municipal Sports Board Award, the second most important of the gala, will fight in the following weeks to get a place in next summer's event.

During the gala, the mayor of Ferrol, José Manuel Rey Varela, and Susana Martínez, the president of the Ferrol Sports Board, organizer of the event, spoke.

Entities and athletes who stood out in the past season or in recent years received special mentions. Prizes were also awarded to the best in each specialty.

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