Gómez Noya gets underway today at Alcatraz

The Bay of San Francisco will be the scene of the premiere in the current season of the Olympic runner-up Javi Gómez Noya that will take part in the prestigious "Escape from Alcatraz", a very recognized test in the American calendar.



On the islet they will be thrown into the water, next to Gómez Noya, more than a thousand participants to reach the coast after about 2.400 meters for extremely cold water; then it will be the turn of pedaling some 30 kilometers without the possibility of going to the wheel as it happens in the tests of the American calendar, to finish running 13 kilometers, in sections of beach and stairs, which suppose an added effort.


Gómez Noya is very happy to be able to debut in this edition, which has been possible because it has been three months ahead of the call. "All my life I was excited to run there, but being in June coincided with important triathlons, finally, I'll be able to do it, but with the fear of having to swim in water at a little over 10 degrees," he said. .


Regarding the temperature of the water, the Galician explained that "in my life I have swum in such cold water, so much so that the organization will allow us to use more neoprene clothes than the usual suit: hood, gloves and booties. with enough sensitivity in the legs to be able to go to the top of the bike from the beginning ". For safety reasons given the rocks are thrown into the water from boats anchored next to the islet, not directly from there.


Between the rivals they will be the habitual ones of the professional circuit of the United States, to which the Spanish has defeated in his previous competitions in that country. The Australian Pete JacobsWinner of Ironman Hawaii 2012, and another Spanish who was fourth in Alcatraz 2012, Françesc Godoy.


To be fit, Gómez Noya has been in Fuerteventura since the beginning of the year training and escaping the weather conditions that could be found in Galicia.


Alcatraz It will be the first of the five triathlons that will face if everything goes according to plan on a long tour of almost two months away from home. Because from California he will go to Australia to do the Moololaba triathlon the March 17, followed by the Auckland, first appointment of the World Series the 7 of April.


Source: farodevigo.es

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