Gómez Noya follows a new diet plan to avoid flatulence

One point, an intestinal discomfort can ruin years of work in triathlon, as in other sports. Javier Gómez Noya knows this, who has suffered flatulence at key moments in his career, on some days of extreme heat. And he fights it these days as if he were the worst of his rivals, with a stricter eating plan than ever. He recently arrived in London to compete on Sunday in the penultimate round of the World Championship, refines all the details, he further polishes some habits that he already watched rigorously. Because the problem that he noticed in Pontevedra stopped him again in Hamburg a few weeks ago. «There I felt discomfort of that type again. I want to compete again without problems, and win or congratulate whoever beats me after giving it my all”, explains the man from Ferrol, leader of the world ranking and whose form announces good news for the next races.

After different consultations, Gómez Noya has been with new habits for a few weeks, consisting mainly of taking extreme precautions that he already took before. For example, avoid orange juice in the morning, eat four hours before the start of a competition -instead of three-, and avoid flatulent vegetables, sauces, heavy meals and dairy products, as explained by the triathlete and his work team. He also has an even greater impact on aspects such as hydration. He can't drink during meals, and he can drink before and after in many short doses.

Possible intolerance

«Flatus happens to me sometimes and nobody quite knows why. It happens to me in the heat, that's true, but not every time I compete in those conditions. I have always taken great care in eating. Perhaps I should undergo studies to see if I now suffer from any intolerance to any food, which perhaps I did not have before or was not detected, "explains the double world champion, who suffered flatus at the Beijing Olympics and finished fourth.

“It is difficult to know how the body reacts. This is not a disease either, “adds the Ferrolano, who does not take drugs to combat gases. «In competition you push your body to the maximum, and other people react by vomiting or with other disorders. Perhaps the position on the bike encourages them to park it and start running the final ten thousand on foot, “adds Gómez Noya.

Better without extreme heat

In the European Championship in Pontevedra and in the World Championship event in Hamburg, flatulence diminished him. That is why he pursues a remedy. Last Sunday, in an international event in Banyoles, he won without gastric discomfort. A good sign. The weather forecast for Sunday in London gives him hope. “Maximums of 18 or 19 degrees are announced, with a 30% chance of rain. Better this way, although the water would make the section on the bike more slippery, "adds the man from Ferrol, who already suffered a fall in Sydney this year before staging a spectacular comeback and winning the race.

His circle also points to a diarrheal episode suffered in May as a possible trigger for the discomfort in recent months, in which he felt more swollen than usual during training sessions and after meals.


Source: lavozdegalicia.es

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