Gómez Noya y Boquete, the best Gallegos of the year 2011

The president of the Xunta, Alberto Núñez Feijóo, spoke yesterday to the ferrolano triathlete Javier Gómez Noya, two-time world champion in the specialty, and the soccer player Verónica Boquete, as the best Galician athletes of the 2010-2011 season at the Gala do Sport Galego that was developed this afternoon at the Jofre theater in Ferrol.

During this act, the Galician president has announced that, in the Council of the Xunta this week, an economic item of 4,6 million euros will be authorized for the 59 sports federations recognized in Galicia to facilitate and promote citizen access to federated sports.

As he has stated, "in the pharmacy of remedies against the crisis, sport and its values ​​of improvement and cooperation should appear in the most recommended medicines."

Feijóo and José Ramón Lete Lasa, Xunta General Secretary for Sport, distributed the awards in 16 categories among the most outstanding Galician athletes, coaches, referees and clubs of 2011, as well as a special mention for sponsors, town halls and more dedicated to sports programming and the dissemination of healthy lifestyle habits.

At the entrance of the theater a small group of people affected by the floods produced in Valdovino Due to the rise in the water level in the A Frouxeira lagoon, I was waiting for Feijóo to arrive at the theater with the banner of “We are not ducks. Solutions Xa”.

At the gala, Gómez Noya was distinguished as the best male athlete, while Vero Boquete, from the Spanish women's soccer team and who has competed in different soccer clubs from United States y Russia, in the female category.

The award for best coach goes to Moncho Fernández, while Jorge Blanco (athletics) has been designated as the best referee.

Sebastián Rodríguez Veloso, swimmer, and Susana Gacio, triathlete, have been distinguished for their merits in the category of best disabled athletes, while the Vigo Rugby and Ponte Ourense clubs have been the best Galician teams in the men's and women's categories.

The prize for the best club for the disabled has gone to Amfiv Basketball; and Bea Gómez, swimming, and Jorge Prado, motorcycling, have been Galicia's revelation athletes.

The prize for the best sports sponsorship has been for Aceites Abril and the reporter of The Voice, Fernando Hidalgo, has been awarded for his informative work in sports.

The O Areal de Camariñas school is the best Galician center for the promotion of sport, the Terra de Celanova community prevails in the category of the best promotion of physical activity, and Natural Sport, for taekwondo in Riverside, the best entity in the promotion of physical activity and grassroots sports.

The great Galician sports gala in Ferrol, which included the participation of the city's mayor, José Manuel Rey Varela, in the awards ceremony, has also had three other special mentions to recognize the work and effort of the disabled sports group of Ferrol.

Finally, Novacaixagalicia, Gadisa, Begano, Hijos de Rivera and Coren have been awarded as the five best companies in the sponsorship of the Galician Sport Foundation.

Source: lainformacion.com

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