Great Britain wins the Mixed Relay Triathlon at the Tokyo Olympics

This morning the Triathlon by mixed relays was played for the first time in the Olympic Games, where 17 teams have competed for the medals.


In the competition where each team consisted of 4 triathletes (2 men and 2 women) they had to complete a sprint triathlon.

Each member of the team has done 300 m of swimming, 6,8 km of cycling and 2 km of running to take over.

The Spanish Triarmada was composed of Anna GodoyFernando AlarzaMiriam Casillas y Mario Mola

The victory has been for the Great Britain team where in the last two kilometers of the race Alex Yee, silver in the individual event, has managed to reach the finish line first, giving the first Gold medal of the mixed relay triathlon in an Olympics.

The British team consisted of Jessica Leartmonth, Jonathan Brownlee, Georgia Taylor Brown y Alex Yee.

The British Yee left the French Vicent Luis in the race on foot, after a great effort to catch up with him in the last kilometers of the bike, which later took its toll, as the North American Morgan Pearson overtook him by taking the Silver medal. Luis was third getting bronze for France.

Katie Zaferes was the fastest in the first round, followed by Laura Lindemann and Jessica Learmonth within seconds.  Anna Godoy it was 13th

In the second round Jonathan Brownlee led a few seconds ahead of Marten Van Riel and Dorian Conix. Fernando Alarza He went up to 11th place for Spain. UK already led the USA by 9” and the Netherlands and Germany by 22”.

In the third round, Georgia Taylor Brown got the same time as Cassandre Beaugrand and Taylor Knibb. Miriam Casillas came in 14th position. UK led USA by 16” and France by 33”. Spain was 12th

In the last lap, Alex Yee, who started with an 18-second advantage, earned him the gold medal for his team. UK reached the finish line with 14” over USA and 23 over France

Mario Mola he was 6th in his round giving the final 10th position to Spain.

Great Britain wins the Mixed Relay Triathlon at the Tokyo Olympics
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Tokyo 2020 Mixed Relay Triathlon Classification

Team 1 lap 2 lap 3 lap 4 lap Position Total time
Great Britain 00:21:16 00:20:03 00:21:54 00:20:28 1 01:23:41
United States 00:21:14 00:20:14 00:22:06 00:20:21 2 01:23:55
France 00:21:40 00:20:09 00:21:57 00:20:18 3 01:24:04
Netherlands 00:21:18 00:20:23 00:22:25 00:20:28 4 01:24:34
Belgium 00:21:50 00:20:08 00:22:08 00:20:30 5 01:24:36
Germany 00:21:15 00:20:27 00:22:24 00:20:34 6 01:24:40
Switzerland 00:22:00 00:20:23 00:22:24 00:20:40 7 01:25:27
Italy 00:21:48 00:20:25 00:22:45 00:21:25 8 01:26:23
Australia 00:22:09 00:20:56 00:22:57 00:20:25 9 01:26:27
Spain 00:22:08 00:20:33 00:23:22 00:20:28 10 01:26:31

British team partials

Athlete Total Time Swim T1 Bike T2 Run
Jessica Learmonth 0:21:16 0:03:40 0:00:40 0:10:15 0:00:27 0:06:14
Jonathan Brownlee 0:20:03 0:04:02 0:00:36 0:09:35 0:00:25 0:05:25
Georgia Taylor-Brown 0:21:54 0:04:23 0:00:38 0:10:16 0:00:30 0:06:07
Alex Yee 0:20:28 0:04:08 0:00:36 0:09:51 0:00:25 0:05:28

Spanish selection

As for the Spanish team, they finished in 10th final position.

These have been his partials

Athletes Total Time Swim T1 Bike T2 Run
Anna Godoy Contreras 0:22:08 0:03:46 0:00:40 0:10:38 0:00:31 0:06:33
Fernando Alarza 0:20:33 0:04:05 0:00:39 0:09:51 0:00:26 0:05:32
Miriam Casillas García 0:23:22 0:04:33 0:00:38 0:10:50 0:00:31 0:06:50
Mario Mola 0:20:28 0:04:05 0:00:36 0:09:51 0:00:27 0:05:29

British team captain Jonathan Brownlee commented after the race

"I'm incredibly proud to hear Alex say that I inspired him in some way, that means a lot.

 He is an incredible athlete. These guys are amazing athletes and part of our role is to inspire people to play sports. 

It doesn't have to be a triathlon, just aim to do something, whatever it is. That's the great thing about the Olympics, there are a lot of great events for people to enjoy and one of them is the triathlon and I hope everyone at home enjoyed watching it.".

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