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Gurutze Frades second and Saleta Castro fifth in the Ironman Malasya

Gurutze Frades has finished in second position in the Ironman Malasya



Gurutze Frades finish second in the Ironman Malasya and Saleta Castro fifth, which becomes one of the best results of 2 Spanish PROs in an Ironman, and possibly the best result of 2 female national pros in an Ironman outside of Spain. It would be necessary to go back to Lanzarote 2003 where Maribel Blanco was 1ª and Ingrid Sala 6ª to see a similar result.

At the 7: 10 in the morning with the first rays of sunlight in Langkawi, there was the departure of the PROs men of a new edition of IM Malaysia. Two minutes later the 28 PROs women did it, a very high figure for an IM where the 20 PROs are rarely exceeded. At the time of the start there was 28ºC and a humidity of more than 70%, so as we announced in the previous one, it was going to be a very hard race due to the heat and humidity.

Swimming is done without neoprene, in a completely flat sea like an oil raft and most PROS opt for the trap suit. After the 3,8km of swimming the Czech Lucie Zelenkona is the first to arrive at the T1 with a time of 54'40 '' and after her in second position a sensational Saleta Castro in 58'24. Third is the Japanese Keiko Tanakata to 30 '' of Saleta. On the other hand the main favorite the German Diana Riesler arrives at the T1 with a time of 59'35 '' in 9ª position. Further back with a time of 1h3'55 '' ends the swimming Guru Frades in 18ª plaza.

Later in the cycling sector the winner in Lanzarote, the German Diana Riesler begins to overcome, and around the 40 km it becomes leader and begins to increase the difference over the rest ... except the American Sara Crowley who holds together with Riesler up to km 140, where Diana puts one more gear to get to the T2 with a time in the 5h2'38 '' cycling.

In the last 40 km Diana manages to outscore 5 'to his pursuer, Crowley who is second in the T2. For its part, Saleta has been making a large segment of cycling cycling, with 3ª a large part of the sector until in the final kilometers it is overtaken by Natascha Bodman and Kate Bevilaqua. On the other hand Guru Frades goes overcoming positions arriving at the T2 8ª ... to more than 20 'of the second.

The marathon is the judge of the ironman, a lot of heat and humidity, Riesler remains firm in the head running at rates between 4'45 '' and 4'55 '' until the half marathon, where the rhythm is already down to 5 'km. On the other hand Crowley sinks and loses many positions. The 3ª in the T2 Natascha Bodman holds up to 5 sub rhythms' the km during the first 10 but also little by little the bike effort takes over ... the heat and the humidity.


Saleta Castro in the Malaysian ironman


The rest of the triathletes, Bevilaqua, Saleta and Fleming run very close, doing the first part of the marathon at rhythms around 5 'km. As you can see the competition is a real hell, although most are running with a lot of head to avoid exploding ... although the hardness of the test does not allow them to go faster ... Except the four-time champion of Spain LD, as if with her it was not the thing, a great comeback begins, "nailing times" in the whole marathon around 4'35 '' the km. For the passage in km 35 Guru Frades is 2ª and Saleta Castro 5ª

Finally the German Diana Reisler got the victory with a final time of 9: 37: 06 second in second position by Gurutze Frades (09: 49: 09). third place went to Natascha Badmann (9: 54: 07), A great Saleta Castro I finish fifth by completing the test in 10: 00: 23


RIESLER, Diana DEU 9:37:06
FRADES, Gurutze ESP 9:49:09
BADMANN, Natascha CHE 9:54:07
CROWLEY, Sarah AUS 9:58:26
CASTRO NOGUERIA, Saleta ESP 10:00:23


Photo: ironman / @ jaimevigaray

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