Gurutze Frades wins the ICAN Triathlon Alicante

Today, the first edition of the ICAN Triathlon Alicante, a test in medium distance format that has also had an Aquabike test

In the competition all eyes were on the triathlete Gurutze Frades that debuted this season and that has not disappointed.

Guru has taken the victory with a time of 4:03:55. The second classified has been Karlota Perurena with 4: 20: 25.

In the men's category, victory has been for Alejandro Torres with a time of 3: 29: 11 followed by Peru Alfaro (3: 39: 58) and for Alberto Parrilla (3: 44: 01)

Regional Middle Distance and Aquabike Championship

But the test has not given only to the Regional Media Champion. Also the Champion and Autonomous Champion of Aquabike.


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