Gurutze Frades wins the IRONMAN Cozumel

Also get the Slot for Hawaii

The Spanish triathlete Gurutze Frades with a recital in the foot race he has achieved victory in the IRONMAN Cozumel and the Slot for Kona 2023.

Yesterday a new edition of IRONMAN Cozumel was held in Mexico where the participation of Guru who wanted to end the season in this test stood out.

Frades competed in the last world championship in Hawaii where he finished in a great 15th position and now he has finished his season in the best way with victory and qualification for the 2023 world championships.

Gurutze won the test with a time of 8:40:47 followed by Lisa Norden (8:46:36) and by Kylie simpson (8: 47: 36) third.

The Basque got off the bike in fourth with a 22-minute disadvantage over Norden, who was first in T2.

In the running race little by little he was overcoming that difference to catch up with Norden at kilometer 30 of the race to finally get the victory.

His time in the marathon was 2:54:53

Top 10 female

Site Name Time
1 Gurutze Frades  08:40:47
2 Lisa Norden  08:46:36
3 Kylie simpson  08:47:36
4 Anne Reichmann  08:56:57
5 Joanna ryter  09:18:00
6 Bruna Mahn  09:21:32
7 Romina Palace  09:25:06
8 Ashley paulson  09:29:43
9 Margie Santimaria  09:31:31
10 Jennie hansen  09:48:18

In the men's event the victory went to Magnus ditlev with a time of 7: 50: 41 followed by Jan Van Berkel (7: 53: 20) and for fernando toldi (7: 54: 00) in third position.

Men's 10 Top

Site Name Time
1 Magnus ditlev  07:50:41
2 Jan van Berkel  07:53:20
3 fernando toldi  07:54:00
4 Fabian Dütli  07:55:04
5 Michael Weiss  07:56:55
6 Paphiel pareyn  07:58:59
7 Dominik Sowieja  07:59:48
8 Rodolphe Von Berg  08:01:31
9 Andy Potts  08:08:20
10 Kaito Tohara  08:13:46

There are no previous results.

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