Gurutze Frades second at IRONMAN Chattanooga

He has qualified for the IRONMAN Hawaii 2022

Today a new edition of the IRONMAN Chattanooga where the Spanish Gurutze Frades has once again demonstrated why she is the best Spanish triathlete at this time in this distance.

Guru who He has gone back almost 10 minutes to the second on the bike, has achieved second place in the competition.

The winner has been the North American Skye Moench with a time of 8:34:07 while Gurutze Frades (9:00:38) entered second position beating Melanie McQuaid about kilometer 35 of the race.

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Top 5 female

Post Athlete Time
1 Skye Moench 8:34:07
2 Gurutze Frades 9:00:38
3 Melanie McQuaid 09:04:21
4 Kelly fillnow 09:10:59
5 Jen Annett 09:23:31

In the men's test victory has been for Joe Skipper with a time of 7: 46: 18 followed by Lionel sanders (7: 54: 46) and for Ben Hoffman (7:57:50) who was third.

Men's 5 Top

Post Athlete Time
1 Joe Skipper  07:46:18
2 Lionel Sanders  07:54:46
3 Ben Hoffman  07:57:50
4 Cody Beals  08:00:06
5 Adam feigh  08:18:41

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