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Gustav Iden and Lucy Charles at the top of the PTO

The Professional Triathletes Organization (PTO) today announced the cPTO world rankings end of the year.

In this ranking Gustav Iden y Lucy Charles they have been crowned as world number 1 PTO after a stellar year, what has brought each one of them $ 100.000 annual PTO bonus.

Gustav Iden has won $ 280.000 in prizes.

Iden's victory in Florida earlier this year in her first long-distance race earned her 107,23 PTO world ranking points, and was the second-highest score for a long-distance race in 2021.

Combined with 110,18 points from the IM 70.3 World Championship® and 111,34 points from The Collins Cup, this gave Iden an average of 109,62 points and the world's No. 1 PTO.

In addition to taking $ 100.000 out of the $ 2.000.000 from the PTO prize pool, add to his victory in the PTO Championship at Daytona and what he won in the Collins Cup, pocketing a total of $ 280.000 in PTO awards.

British Lucy Charles beats Danyela Ryf by a few tenths

Lucy Charles-Barclay had the most points total in a single race this year, at 123,98 in the IM 70.3® World Championship, making swimming, cycling and running the fastest by a wide margin.

Charles already had 101,76 points thanks to a good race in the Collins Cup and 97,21 points obtained in the IM 70.3 Elsinore.

Men's 10 Top

Job title Athlete Points
1 Gustav Iden 109.62
2  Jan Frodeno 102.82
3  Lionel Sanders 100.89
4  Sam long 99.41
5  Patrick Lange 99.26
6  Daniel Baekkegard 99.22
7  Joe Skipper 96.88
8  Ben Kanute 95.45
9  Florian Angert 95.24
10  Rudy von berg 94.21

As for men, the top five are completed by the German Jan Frodeno, world number 2 PTO, Canadian Lionel Sanders, world number 3 PTO, the American Sam long, PTO world number 4, and German Patrick Lange, PTO world number 5.

Lionel Sanders moved the most in the final months of 2021, going from # 6 in the PTO world to # 3 in the PTO world, increasing his year-end bonus by $ 30.000.

Top 10 female

Job title Athlete Points
1 Lucy Charles-Barclay 107.65
2  Daniela Ryf 107.07
3  Laura Philipp 106.36
4  Taylor Knibb 104.57
5  Anne Haug 104.54
6  Emma Pallant Browne 102.08
7  Skye Moench 101.78
8  Jeanni metzler 101.23
9  Kat matthews 100.09
10  Paula Findlay 99.65

As for women, the Swiss Daniela Ryf ends 2021 as PTO world number 2, German Laura Philipp as PTO world number 3, American newcomer Taylor Knibb as PTO world number 4 and German Anne Haug as the world's number 5 PTO.

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The Bonus PTO ranking

The PTO world ranking system is based on the average PTO world ranking points that athletes have earned in their top three races in 2021.

Annual PTO bonuses of $ 2.000.000 will be paid equally to male and female PTO professionals based on the PTO world ranking calculated as of December 31st.

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