Gustavo Rodríguez and Anna Noguera Spanish Champions of Middle Distance Triathlon

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Today, the middle distance Media Spain Championship was held in Guadalajara where Gustavo Rodriguez revalidated the title won last year and Anna Noguera won the women's category.

El swimming sector has been held in the Couple's Azud with a small change to have several runs of outputs due to the number of participants. He cyclist segment It has been like last year where the triathletes have faced four not very strong climbs, over three kilometers between seven and eight percent of unevenness. The Career segment on foot yes that has undergone changes compared to other years, since it has gone through the downtown of Guadalajara, because this year is the European City of Sport.

Angel Salamanca, of the 401 Triathlon Club, came out first of the water pursued by a group of seven athletes, but on the bicycle immediately Gustavo Rodríguez imposed his law to get highlighted to the T2. Behind marched his friend, teammate and training, Cristóbal Dios, who reached the championship leader of the Cup of Spain MD and LD Triathlon. In the first round of the last segment Cristóbal came to cut time to Gustavo, but some stomach discomfort that dragged in the previous one ended up forcing him to leave. From the situation they took advantage Iñaki Pena Manso, of the ANB Triathlon Team Portugaletekoa, second place at the end, and Daniel Múgica, of Tri-Penta Terras de Lugo, who completed the podium.

In the bicycle, the triumph of Anna Noguera, leader of the Spanish Cup of MD and LD Triathlon in the female category, and after the test in Guadalajara, Spain champion of MD triathlon. Superb career of Noguera, solid until the end, and seconded on the podium by the independent Estefanía Gómez, with a great performance, and Helene Alberdi, to which the hardness of the circuits took its toll, especially the final foot race through the streets of Guadalajara and the San Roque Park.

Claudia Luna Bonachera, CN Mataró; and Jordi Montraveta, of the CN Montjuic Fasttriatlon. The classification by women's clubs in the Spanish Triathlon MD Championship was for the Clavería Móstoles Triathlon, followed by Saltoki Trikideak and Santander Triathlon; and the men for Tri-Penta Terras de Lugo, with CE Rayoteam second, and Saltoki Trikideak third. Daniel Llambrich (CN Montjuic Fasttriatlon) and his guide were paratriathlon imposed on the pairs led by Roberto Suero (Triathlon Claveria Móstoles) and Gaspar Vañó (Independent). Anna Noguera, with the best partial cyclist of the championship, took the Iberdrola Trophy

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