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Gustavo Rodríguez and Helene Alberdi Spanish Champions of Duathlon MD

The Galician has achieved a comfortable victory

Today has been played in Numancia (Soria) a new edition of the Championship of Spain in the modality of Duathlon MD.

The Galician triathlete Gustavo Rodríguez, arrived last Friday to Soria without having assured his presence in the starting line of this Spanish Championship of Dúatlon of Long Distance.

The non-participation in last year's edition due to injury and the fact that his club was not among the first places in the national ranking meant that the Galician did not have a number and forced him to wait for some absence in the control of signatures on Saturday. In extremis the Galician achieved the only number that was free and thus be able to participate today in the test.

On the starting line, the best national triathletes were present, as well as Gustavo Rodríguez were present, last year's champion, Raúl García, international triathletes such as Cesc Godoy, Ander Okamika, Ibai Alba, Daniel Bayón or Pello Osoro.

The test that began at 11 in the morning was with 9 km of race where the first to finish the segment was Cesc Godoy followed by Adrián Latestere.

The 60 km cycling segment Gustavo Rodríguez reached the lead to reach the T2 solo.

In the last segment of the test (10 km of 9 walking race Gustavo Rodríguez kept the difference by reaching the finish line alone and getting the Spanish Championship with a time of 2: 30: 58 followed by Cesc Godoy (2: 32: 36) and for Pello Osoro     (2: 33: 41) occupying the third final position.

In this way, Gustavo Rodríguez starts the 2019 season, after months of preparation, a season whose objectives are clear, achieving the classification for the Kona Ironman World Championship and directing his presence at the Tokyo 2020 Paralympic Games as a guide for paratriathlete Héctor Catalá .

The next big event for Rodriguez will be the Ironman of South Africa next April 7, one of the most important dates of the year, where he will look for that classification for Kona 2019

In the women's category victory has been for Helene Alberdi with a time of 2: 56: 39 followed by Merce Tusell (2: 57: 48) and for Sonia Sanchez (2: 58: 54) in the third position.

Helene Alberdi, Sonia Juliá and Natalia Gómez arrived at the T1 in the first positions followed closely by Merce Tusell, Ana Rovira, Alba Reguillo, Marina Burgaya and Aitziber Urkiola. The cycling segment, with the best partials in charge of Anna Rovira, winner of the Iberdrola Trophy, and Merce Tussel, allowed them to get closer to Alberdi and the rest of the candidates for the female elite podium of the race, which would be decided in the last race to foot.

The champion secured the title with the best time in the third segment, with Sonia Juliá and Merce Tusell signing good records to be second and third classified

Photo: Fetri

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