Gustavo Rodríguez fourth at the IRONMAN Brazil

The Galician triathlete has been on the verge of getting the Slot par Kona

Yesterday was played in Florianapolis (Brazil) the IRONMAN Brazil, where the Galician Gustavo Rodríguez He tried to get the pass for Kona. In this square were offered two slots for the winners, which in the case of already being classified for Hawaii, would go to the second classified and so on.

The victory in the test was for Adrew Potts with a time of 8: 02: 58 followed by Willian Clarke (8: 06: 31) and for Frank Silvestrin (8: 10: 20) occupying the third final position.

Gustavo Rodríguez (8: 12: 16) finally it was fourth staying at the gates of getting a Slot.

Gustavo Rodríguez was shown once the test was finished "Happy for the race despite not getting the slot for Kona" that according to the Galician "see fighting with the best shows that the chances of qualifying are real and give strength to keep trying ".

Gustavo scored his best results in an Ironman

Gustavo set his best results in an Ironman ending with a 8 time: 12: 16, less than 2 minutes of the Brazilian Silvestrin, marking a few partial, 50 minutes in swimming (better partial staff in an ironman), 4º best time of the test in cycling sector and ending with 2: 50: 13 in the marathon being one of the best times in the sector.

One of the keys of the test for Gustavo Rodríguez was in the bicycle sector, a sector where the Galician is more comfortable and where the Brazilian Silvestrin knew how to take advantage of Gustavo's effort and approach the top positions, allowing him to go down to run a little more fresh and close to the other Brazilian Amorelli who in the race on foot was giving time and paying the effort, being surpassed by both Silvestrin and Gustavo.

In this way, although the long-awaited pass for the Ironman World Cup in Hawaii has not been achieved, the Galician will continue trying and already reprogramming your calendar to find a new destination that will give you the slot for Kona 2019.

In social networks, Gustavo commented: "Finally the slot was not achieved for a position, but despite that in my head to pass that finish line in fourth position there was only room for a feeling: the thank you!
Thank you all for being there supporting from a distance and flooding the phone with messages of support and those who day after day are there, enduring my sick rhythm of life ?"

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