Gustavo Rodríguez and Diederiks Diede win the Nutrisport Half Triathlon in Seville

The test was scoring for the Spanish Cup of Triathlon MD and LD

Yesterday was held in Seville, the last test of the Triathlon MD and LD Cup with the dispute of Nutrisport Half Triathlon of Seville, one of the classics of the medium distance in Spain.

The victory in the men's category was for Gustavo Rodríguez with a time of 3: 44: 02 followed by Jordi Montraveta y Víctor Arroyo third.

In the female category the victory went to the Dutch Diederiks diede, with a time of 4:23:04, ahead of Aida Valiño and Zoé Natalia Bello.

Gustavo commented on his social networks:

“On a personal level, I think that ending a season with a good taste in your mouth is very important, and that's what, even if it doesn't seem like it; it has a very big reward: it helps you face winter work in a more positive and serene way ... and at least in my case, when the head works that way, it seems that everything comes out easier and more fluid. »

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