Gustavo Rodríguez, next goal IRONMAN Florianapolis

The next May 26 will participate in the IRONMAN Florianapolis (Brazil) to achieve its goal.

The Galician triathlete Gustavo Rodríguez, this year is focused on getting the Slot for IRONMAN World Championship in Hawaii, and the next 26 of May will participate in the IRONMAN Florianapolis (Brazil) to achieve its objective.

Gustavo has already participated this year in Duathlon MD Championship (with victory) and at IM South Africa and in the past LD Championship of Pontevedra . We wanted to know firsthand how he faces his second qualifying attempt.

Why did you choose this test?

I chose this test why more or less square well on the calendar at the date level. I had a little doubt about Lanzarote or Florianópolis that fit in the same month. This year in my preparation I was counting on being able to have gone to the island but in the end I couldn't go.

I think that for the Lanzarote Ironman it is a very important point to know the circuit, since it has many ascents, descents, in short it is a very peculiar circuit and I think it is a very important point to know it and this year it has not been the case.

Another reason to choose Brazil, is that this year the objective is the classification for Kona and Florianópolis has 2 slots with options to drop a third slotTherefore you have to make the most of the opportunities and I think this Ironman benefits me.

Nothing touches to pack and plant in Brazil to give the best you have inside.

After the IM South Africa and the Pontevedra test, how are your feelings for the IM?

You can the truth is that yes, I am accumulating long distances more than ever (laughs), the feeling of South Africa was to find a good moment of form.

Try to risk to get Slot, but could not get. In the end it took my toll but I left the feeling that even having passed in rhythms, I got off to run relatively whole. I was left with the good feeling of having a bit of the consistency necessary to face this type of racing.

As for Pontevedra, swimming did not go as I wanted and it left me out of the race, but also a bit the same as in South Africa, on a comfortable bike and with a feeling at least of finishing the entire race and above all of having recovered better than in previous years.

I still have to make a small block of work, in rhythm reminder plan, to maintain a little the level of form and with the hope that with the level I have in my legs that day, the day I can bring it to light .

Gustavo Rodríguez training
Gustavo Rodríguez training

What do you think of the new classification system, does it benefit or harm you?

Well I'm going to be honest, at the beginning it was a kind of classification that I liked, but now I'm living it in the first person I think it's a little risky. There are people who can benefit but already It does not depend so much on yourself, but also on the luck you have when choosing the race

Those of us who are not Top level sometimes have to wait, I can't see who we are going to face in that competition and most of Ironman is only worth winning, which is something very, very difficult.

In the previous system, a little more constancy and now in this system scores more to have a good point of form In addition to having a little bit the luck of not having in front of someone who can beat you that day, but this is not something that we can control one hundred percent.

Your goal is Kona, do you plan to compete in any other test?

Yes, the truth is that this year the goal is Kona and the planning is oriented directly to achieve the coveted Slot. Nor would I want to leave aside the calendar that we have here because there are some races that I love.

I have already had to give up some, such as Half de Pamplona, ​​which is a race that I really like. We will have to choose races depending on how the qualifying for Hawaii goes, but I will surely do some in Spain.

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