2: 41: 01 for Gwen Jorgensen in her debut at the New York Marathon.

Today has been played one of the most crowded marathons in the world, the New York, test in which he had decided to debut in the 42,195 km the current Olympic triathlon champion Gwen Jorgensen

The US completed the first 5km in 18: 41, at an average of 3'44 »/ km and subsequently during the next 15km it raised the pace around 3'30» / km. He spent the half marathon in 1: 15: 52 but little by little his pace was decreasing by exceeding the 4 '/ km in the last 7km of the race until stopping the chronometer in 2: 41: 01.

As she herself had already commented the days before the race, her main objective was to be able to finish and enjoy the race, at no time did she mention any brand, but she simply expressed her great respect for distance.

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