Gwen Jorgensen second in the Huatulco World Cup

The American triathlete and Olympic medalist in Rio,  Gwen Jorgensen , has shown that he is back at a high level after making the decision to compete in triathlon again.

He has done it by getting a second place in the Huatulco World Cup.

He also got win the mixed relay event along with his compatriots Darr Smith, Katie Zaferes and Brent Demarest.

Despite having been ill in the days leading up to the race, she managed to stay in the competition, eventually finishing in second place. “I'm really proud that I was able to come out here and finish," Jorgensen said after the race.

I know I'm fit and Cagliari was a race where I really got mentally blocked. Going out there and performing at the level that I know I can, is something I'm really happy with.".

With this second place in the Huatulco World Cup, Jorgensen has shown that she is still a triathlete to keep in mind for the next competitions.

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