There will be San Silvestre Vallecana this 2020

Only the elite test will be played

Tomorrow, Thursday, November 26, this special will be presented in Madrid San Silvestre Vallecana to be played on December 31 in the capital.

According to Europapress, the government has given the green light to the test, that it will not have popular participation, as indicated in the draft it has prepared for the measures against Covid-19 in Niavidad.

In this document, it is indicated that mass events should be individually assessed by public health authorities following the "Recommendations for mass events and activities in the context of the new normality due to Covid-19 in Spain."

Specifically, it is indicated that the celebration of major sporting events such as 'San Silvestre' can be held «As long as it does not interfere with the time limitation of night mobility and using strategies to decrease contact between runners (capacity limitation, staggered departures or spreading participation over several days) ».

It is recommended that there be no public in the streets

In this sense, it is recommended that it be carried out without public attendance, and that it be broadcast on television.

There will only be elite test

 The organization has clarified that only the international race will be played, for a small number of elite athletes, maintaining all security measures against Covid.

There will be no popular race, but fans will be able to run it virtually

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