Hayden Wilde wins the Hamburg World Series

It is placed as leader of the circuit

Today, in the German city of Hamburg, the sixth round of the Triathlon World Series 2022.

The test that has been disputed over sprint distance had the presence of the triple world champion Mario Mola, that returned to the circuit after the break of the Tokyo Games.

The triarmada was composed in addition to Mola, by Antonio Serrat, Roberto Sanchez and Alberto Gonzalez

The first to come out of the water was Vicent Luis followed by Valentin Morlec and Márk Dévay leading a very tight group.

Alberto González at 24 Mario started at 29 seconds, Roberto Sánchez at 42 and Antonio Serrat at 43.

In the cycling segment in the first laps a very large group was formed in the lead with only González in it, but with Mola, Sanchez in the chasing group with 50 seconds and Serrat more than 1:30 behind the head of the race.

A group of 2 units arrived at T31 with Vasco Villaca at the head. The group of Sánchez and Mola arrived at 1 minute and Serrat at 1:37.

In the first meters a group was formed in the lead with Wilde, Hauser, Bergere and Geens.

In the final part we saw an exciting fight for victory so that he finally won Hayden Wilde with a time of 53: 10 followed by Matthew Hauser (53: 13) and Jawad abdelmoula (53: 26) occupying the third position.

As for the Spanish Alberto González was the best in the 26th position, Mario Mola finished 36thRobert Sanchez 41º and Antonio Serrat 48o.

Wilde circuit leader

With this victory Wilde is placed as leader of the circuit followed by Leo Bergere and Jelle Geens

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Men's 10 Top

Pos Athlete Country Time / Difference
1 Hayden Wilde #2  NZL 0:53:10
2 Matthew Hauser #18  AUS 00:53:13 +00:00:03
3 Jawad Abdel Moula #30  TUE 00:53:26 +00:00:17
4 Leo Bergere #1  FRA 00:53:29 +00:00:19
5 Jelle Geens # 4  BEL 00:53:36 +00:00:26
6 Tom Richard #26  FRA 00:53:37 +00:00:27
7 Vasco Vilaca #6  POR 00:53:38 +00:00:28
8 Joao Silva #17  POR 00:53:40 +00:00:31
9 Vetle Bergsvik Thorn #21  NOR 00:53:42 +00:00:32
10 Lasse Luhrs #12  GER 00:53:43 +00:00:33

There are no previous results.

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