Helena Herrero Champion in the Ring

Of course, Helena Herrero crossed the finish line in first place, some could describe it as a surprise since there were great specialists who could have won it and even the Spanish champion last year and winner of all the cross duathlon events in which Rosa competes. Bravo was at the start.

Aware of this and after not having been satisfied the day before with her performance in the cross triathlon world championship, Helena faced this championship with the sole idea of ​​sweeping the modality.

And that was exactly what she did from the first minute, she came out ready to break the race and she soon succeeded. She never looked back to see where her rivals came from and she was aware that she had to increase the gap from her main rival. In the first transition, Helena had been on Rosa Bravo for more than a minute and she was sure that if she didn't manage to catch her in the first lap she was going to have a difficult time. And that happened, Rosa did not catch Helena and she already ran the last segment, controlling the times and managing to cross the finish line just over three minutes behind the runner-up.

Behind Rosa Bravo came the Mexican Adriana Fabiola with the crown, who won the bronze medal in the Ibero-American Championship, leaving 4th place in the event and 3rd for the Spanish Championship to Maria Pujol.

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