Home of Ferro 2011 Canceled

As we can read in the Official Site del Home de Ferro 2011, the organization has suspended this test for financial reasons, since they have not received the necessary contributions to carry out this test.

Below you can read the full statement.


The Home de Ferro Sports Association, organizing entity of the long-distance triathlon event that has been based on the island of Ibiza since 1996 and has organized 13 editions of this charismatic event and 2 of the home de ferro de triathlon cros says goodbye to this project.

This association, which includes the organization of:
- 8 absolute Spanish championships
-1 world championship in 2003.
-1 crossover triathlon European championship in 2007.
-1 test of the world series in 2010.
All of them praised with favorable reports from the Spanish Federation, world Federations, Ibizan institutions and above all with the general satisfaction of all its participants in all its editions.

Home de Ferro says goodbye without being able to conclude AND CANCELING the 2011 edition (Spanish Championship and world series event) for reasons of lack of necessary economic contributions from the main administrations involved, due to the cuts imposed by the Balearic Government for 2011, due to the lack of payment of pending debts from the Government of 2007, due to the denial of the corresponding permit from the San José City Council to use the roads due to complaints from some residents in 2010, due to the cumbersome permit bureaucracy that is anchored in the past and that has not improved in the last 15 years, due to the impossibility of setting up a quality test worldwide with a very poor and insufficient budget, due to the fatigue of a board of directors that has worked tenaciously, professionally and freely in very hard times and that he sees that he swims against the current, …….

In short, we are leaving because we are a nuisance to neighbors and budgets of the administrations. We are leaving because we do not have to convince anyone that Home de Ferro has managed with austerity and head every euro that he has received from administration and that he is deserving of more contributions and involvement. We as an association and the more than 500 visitors who were going to come this year at the end of October are leaving.

The image of 500 volunteers working in 2003 remains to be remembered, the more than 10.000 visitors that we have brought to Ibiza to play sports remain to be remembered, the Ibizan athletes who have started to play sports because of the image it has projected remain to be remembered our organization, the images from televisions from all over the world, the photographic archives of the press and thousands of private cameras remain to be remembered, and above all the good moments of coexistence with the volunteers, the runners, the institutions and sponsors and all the friends who we have done along the way.

We thank the Spanish Triathlon Federation for the trust placed in Home de Ferro, the permanent and unwavering support of all these years and we deeply regret not having been able to make 2011 a quality edition as Home de Ferro knows how to do.

We apologize and understand for the main victims of this edition, the runners who were already registered and who will have to cancel their sports holidays in Ibiza. We hope that Ibiza will take with them the memory of our work from 1996-2010.

Ibiza to 17 from September of 2011


NOTE: The Spanish Federation will proceed to return or compensate registrations at triatlon.org.

There are no previous results.

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