Tribute to Iván Raña in the 100 × 100 swimming Ciempozuelos

Juanjo Anaya, one of the pioneers of the triathlon in Spain, and historian of our triathlon, will achieve the next January 7, fulfill one of his dreams for which he had been working for several years.



The Ciempozuelos club, Triatlonciem, will hold a 3 × 100 relay swimming competition, as every year for 100 years, but in this edition it will achieve a historic participation in the literal sense of the word. In the first place it will be a tribute to the brand new Ivan Raña, for his sporting career.


For this tribute has been able to bring together many of the historical 80 and early 90. 30 men and some women of that time will be present at the appointment, the list is not yet public but may be among others Paco Godoy y Ramón Ricoy, people from that time will also come from several places in Spain. All of them will be integrated into the historical teams, and will face each other and other teams of the new batch.


For this appointment Juanjo has had the help of Gabriela Valiente Ots and all his collaborators and friends. There will also be many companions and other triathletes who will be in the audience. Any help of any kind that this project may receive will be welcome. You can direct it to this email [email protected] .

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