Tribute to Gustavo Rodriguez, a sports center is named after him

triathlete Gustavo Rodriguez, an ex-cyclist and one of the best medium-distance triathletes in our country who is now serving as a Paralympic guide, has received one of the best tributes that can be given to an athlete in his area, who put your name to a sports hall.

It has been in the Galician town of Tui, where the sports hall will be called "Gustavo Rodriguez Municipal Pavilion."

The Galician has published on his social networks:

"I have never been anyone perfect or exemplary. What's more, in most cases, my flaws and flaws have ended up defining me as the person I am.

Although honestly, I don't know the cause very well, but no matter how many things I do in reverse, people always end up showing their more condescending side to me and value the positive ... as if they only insisted on seeing the kind part of my actions (luck mine).

I wish I had the right words to give the speech the necessary bombast… but I only know that I have a pavilion with my name in my city, and I don't even know very well how to thank it.

So I'll just tell the truth: that it makes me feel immensely proud and rewarded; and that I will try to do everything possible to be up to par ... even if you don't ask Elmo for pears either, ehhhhh we know each other !!! «

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