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Today is 13 years of an event that forced the UCI to make the cycling helmet mandatory

The decision was taken by the UCI after the death, the 12 of March 2003, of the Kazakh cyclist Andrei Kivilev

Today March 12 thirteen years ago since the death of the cyclist Andrei Kivilev who died after suffering a hard fall in the 2nd Stage of Paris-Nice. As a consequence, the UCI established the mandatory helmet in their careers two months later.

From that moment on, the use of a helmet was mandatory for cyclists. The decision was made by the UCI (International Cycling Union) after the death, on March 12, 2003, of the Kazakh cyclist Andrei Kivilev, who died after suffering a serious fall in the second stage of Paris-Nice.

Until then, wearing a rigid helmet it was only recommended for professional runners. At that time the new standard There was only one exception: the last five kilometers of a stage with a high finish.

The UCI maintained that it made the decision with the support of the professional association of cyclists, although it admitted that it also found opposition from some riders.

From the perspective of the XNUMXst century it seems unbelievable, the position of some professional cyclists at that time who even raised career stops to protest that measure.

Today 13 years ago of an event that forced the UCI to make the cycling helmet mandatory Cycling platoon without a helmet

In the statement that was issued at the time we could read:

"A small group of cyclists put their individual freedom ahead to oppose the obligation to wear a helmet".

"Although he respects their opinion," added the note, "the UCI asks them to reflect on the consequences of their position. The death or disability of a runner is a great tragedy for his family and a serious loss for cycling. The fact that a cyclist assumes the risk freely cannot eliminate the restlessness linked to these tragedies.

Some cyclists, dissatisfied with the obligation, have not ruled out even carrying out a plant because they consider that the helmet is annoying, heavy and makes them sweat more. In 1991 the riders already rejected a similar decision by the UCI.

Opponents of compulsory helmet use are even more upset by the fact that the UCI has not waited to know the result of a survey that the same body suggested to conduct among professional cyclists.

Thanks to this measure many bikes have been saved on top of the bicycle.


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