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Huelva will become the European epicenter of the duathlon and triathlon in March

The Punta Umbría Duathlon European Championship and the Hiat Triathlon European Cup will be held.

The province of Huelva will be the main protagonist of the start of the European duathlon and triathlon season on the weekends of the March 7 and 8.

It will be with the dispute of Duathlon European Championship from Punta Umbría, and from 14 and 15 with the Triathlon European Cup from Huelva.

These two international events will place Huelva and Punta Umbría at 2020 as epicenters of the triathlon and duathlon at the continental level

Both tests were presented yesterday at the headquarters of the Diputación de Huelva with the presence of the local athlete Emilio Martín, twice world champion of duathlon and who aspires to European gold in Punta Umbría.

Emilio Martín «I'm already counting the hours to be able to compete in Punta Umbría«

Huelva Emilio Martín, one of the best duathletes in history, is preparing the Championship thoroughly of Europe of Duathlon Punta Umbría 2020, with the unequivocal objective "Of being on the top that I can on the podium, here at home, for me there is nothing more important in this next season. Trying to give everything in front of mine motivates me especially, although it is also an added responsibility.

For me it will be incredible to compete against the best in Europe and the world in the same streets and on the same asphalt that I usually train for. There will be an impressive sports level and I will have it very complicated, but I am already counting the hours to be able to compete in Punta Umbría".

More than 1.000 participants are expected

Registration is now open for the Duathlon European Championship to be held in Punta Umbría on 7 and 8 days in March of 2020, both in sprint and standard distance.

The circuit designed with the collaboration of Emilio Martín

In the test it is expected that more than 1.000 participants enjoy the spectacular and fast tours designed with the collaboration of Emilio Martín himself, which will be the main international event in the FETRI calendar next year.

On Saturday, the GGEE's turn

On Saturday March 7 will take place on European Sprint GGEE away championship, with drafting allowed and distances of 5 kilometers of race, 20 kilometers of cycling and 2'5 km. in the final foot race.

On the same day, the junior, sub-23 and elite titles will be played. On Sunday 8 will take place the European Standard distance, with 10 km. running on foot, 40 km. Cycling and 5 km. Running on foot, and drafting not allowed.

The following weekend the European Cup in Huelva

Without time for rest, the weekend after the European Punta Umbria will be held between the town of Puntaumbrieña and the Huelva capital. First scoring test of the year for the Triathlon European Cup.

The start of the test will be in Punta Umbría with swimming and the first transition (T1) and will continue in Huelva after the cycling segment with the T2 (second transition) and the race on foot and goal.

That weekend of March 15 the best European triathletes will meet in Huelva with the aim of climbing positions in the ranking ranking and to achieve the necessary set-up to aspire to achieve a place in the Tokyo Olympic Games of the same year.


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