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Iberman MD and LD, the best way to end the 2017 season

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Still do not know what test to contest at the end of the year to end your 2017 season?

From Triatlon News we recommend you the Iberman Triathlon, either in its Long Distance format or in Medium Distance.


The next October 21 will take place V edition of the Iberman, competition that will also be the Iberian Triathlon Championship LD and MD. The test has the peculiarity of playing in two countries, Spain and Portugal.

The province of Huelva and the Portuguese Algarve will host today's date more than 330 enrolleds, triathletes not only belonging to the Iberian Peninsula, but also from different countries in Europe that choose the Iberman to finish their triathlon year in the best way.


The sector of swimming will have as a scenario the Portuguese town of Vila Real de Santo Antonio, on the beach of Monte Gordo, with two laps to a signposted route just ahead of the hotels to complete the 3,8 km.

Afterwards the participants will face the cycling sector of 180km and 2000m of accumulated altitude, whose most demanding part will pass through Portuguese soil, crossing the terms of Castro Marín, Alcoutím and Mértola, to descend to the Pomarao border bridge, where the journey begins in Spain that will cross the towns of El Granado , El Almendro, Villanueva de los Castillejos, San Silvestre de Guzman, Villablanca, to finish in the street Brazil of Ayamonte, where the T2 will be located and the sector of the race on foot will begin.

The 42,2 km of foot race they start towards Portugal by the International Bridge and after leaving it behind, they will take the road to Vila Real de Santo Antonio to finish this first link in the starting area, where they will start a three laps tour of the Portuguese town, ending in the Paseo Maritime of Monte Gordo.

The program will be complemented with a Half Distance test, which will only run through Portuguese soil, with arrival also on the promenade of Monte Gordo, after traveling 1,9 km of swimming, 90km of cycling between Monte Gordo and Alcoutim; and the 21,1 km foot race, in a three laps route between Monte Gordo and Vila Real de Santo Antonio.


In the official website of Iberman you can find all the information and prices on the inscriptions:

Photo: Cano Fotosport

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