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Ibiza Blue Challenge 2019 with record of registered

This edition has twice as many registrations as the previous season

This Saturday will be the celebration of the V BLUE CHALLENGE 2019 with 5 competitions throughout the day and that this year has twice as many entries as in the last edition in the triathlon section.

The BLUE CHALLENGE 2019 has a swimming crossing about 5km away, a distance triathlon similar to the Olympic about 1,2 / 45 / 8, a triathlon half about 2,5 / 90 / 13, a night trail race about 25km and a sports photo contest.

The test queen of the competition is the half triathlon where this year will have both men and women races with almost all the winners of any of the 4 previous editions. In guys it will be Miquel Roselló winner in 2017 and Vicente Roig champion in 2018 with a serious contender with the Ibiza Javier Cardona. In girls Cora Borell y Vicenta Tur they start, a priori, as those that can win in females.

The different tests start at the 7: 00 in the morning in the area of ​​the margaritas islands in one of the most spectacular outings of a triathlon and with the tremendous difficulty that the participants have to save to get to their bikes that are 2,5km from distance by some very steep slopes and paths by cliffs.

It is expected that the first triathlete of the Olympic distance will arrive at the 10: 00 to the finish zone located this year in the sports courts of San Mateo and the first of the distance half around the 12: 00.

The day will end with the NIGHT RUN athletic test by mountain on 25km that starts at the 20: 30 on the sports tracks of San Mateo to finish the 24: 00 as maximum time.

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