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Ibiza Blue Challenge, Triathlon, Trail and photography all in one

The Blue Challenge is an artisanal sports test concept that offers a multi-event held in a single day in a format with very small seats.

The proposal he makes Ibiza Blue Challenge covers a half triathlon that can be done individually or by relays, a tswimming raft of 3,8km, a cycling time by relays, one Night trail of 26k and a sports photo contest that allows to capture the beauty of all the above.

It reaches the third edition with record of enrolled in most of its modalities thanks to an excellent qualification of all those who have participated in previous editions and of the conscientious work of a great team of people who love sports.

The test provides an 2,5k swim with an exit from the stone arch of an island, a transition to the 2km bike with a hellish exit of the water where you have to climb 200m of desnivell in the first 500m of route, a road cycling with 90k of slides in the rural Ibiza, without streets or traffic lights and a race on foot through forest tracks with asphalt as big absent.

Promotion: Ibiza Blue Challenge 180.00 145.00

Care for the environment is one of the pillars of the test that goes through natural areas of special interest and organizational details such as the contribution of an 5% of the sponsorships for the repair of stone walls or a Goal tape with the name of the triathlete replacing the finisher medal they are aspects outside of everything seen so far. The possibility of coming to Ibiza and that of your group of sports friends all have some option to participate in some modality they do it as a small Olympiad.

The test is a return to the most authentic sport with the best locations on the island of Ibiza to frame a different test, which gives the runner experience, friendship, respect for the environment and enjoy the 100%.

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Photo: Joan F. Ribas


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