Ibiza Ultra Team, the great hope of the pitiuso triathlon

The international event in April should give encouragement to a sport that peaked at the test level a few years ago. "The future is in private sponsorship", explains delegate Eusebio Noguera

Turning point for the Pitiuso triathlon after living in 2011 an unfortunate season in terms of competitions. The end of the journey of the Home de Ferro orphaned the most complete sport that exists of its international event par excellence. In addition, he made it clear that Mallorca has taken the lead over Ibiza and Formentera in recent years as the venue for international events. In 2012, the largest of the Balearic Islands will host events such as the National Sprint and Relay, the Ciutat de Palma Triathlon or the prestigious long-distance Ican.

Eusebio Noguera, island delegate of this specialty that combines swimming, cycling and athletics, is very clear that the Ibiza Ultra Team, an event organized by Red Bull and a great novelty on this year's calendar, must be the track so that the Pitiuso triathlon can take off and fly high again: «Institutions cannot help as much as before and the future is in private sponsorship. Competitors from all over the world are coming, some very good. It will be an incentive for local triathletes.

Support of the consells
Next week, the delegate plans to meet with Rafael Triguero, Ibizan Minister of Sports Policy, to continue finalizing details of a competition that has the support of the Ibiza and Formentera councils, as it will be held between the two islands.
Without exaggeration, the Ibiza Ultra Team will mobilize the Pitiusas sportively on Saturday, April 28. There will be an eight-kilometer swim between the port of Vila and La Savina; a mountain-bike race of a hundred kilometers that will link Santa Eulària and Ibiza, and a mountain trail between Sant Antoni and (60 kilometers). You can compete in trios (each member of the team will participate in a test) or individually.

«It is a fantastic opportunity to recover from the disappointment caused by the death of Home de Ferro. We will present, at least, one team ", pointed out Toni Marí (Triatló Santa Eulària), reflecting the feeling of the triathlon

Source: diariodeibiza.es

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