ICan Marbella, triathletes without barriers

Rafael López is a triathlete with a disability who will take part in the Ican Marbella 2011 on April 3. This athlete has specialized in long distance tests and shows day by day that there are no obstacles for him.

It has an enviable record, since since 2008 it has not stopped obtaining national and international victories. In 2008, he was the European triathlon champion and the duathlon world runner-up. In 2009 he took part in the Brazilian Ironman finister, he was bronze in the European Triathlon Championship in the Netherlands, bronze in the London World Cup and fourth in the Triathlon World Championship in Gold Coast.

Last year his record was increased with gold in the Duathlon European, a fourth place in the Triathlon European, bronze in the Triathlon World Cup in London, silver in the Triathlon World Cup in Madrid, and silver in the Duathlon World Championship in Edinburgh.

ICan Marbella, triathletes without barriers

And, for this Andalusian, triathlon is "the most complete sport, since each competition you take as a great personal challenge, which makes you feel special". In addition, it ensures that your disability is an incentive rather than an obstacle to practice this sport. "I want to feel alive and see that I can do everything while enjoying the sport."

Rafael has the honor of being the first Spanish in a wheelchair to finish an Ironman (Florianópolis, Brazil) and is already preparing for the event in Marbella "with a lot of training, good food and the desire to improve myself."

As a good triathlete he has his preferences in each of the tests in which he takes part. "Where I enjoy the most is the cycling sector and where it costs me the most is with swimming, due to the type of injury I have, especially if the water is very cold and shaky."

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