ICAN Triathlon Alicante opens the triathlon season in the Valencian Community

It will have 550 participants in Half and Aquabike mode

Next Sunday, April 3 at 8.30:XNUMX a.m., the participants of ICAN Triathlon Alicante They will take the exit at the foot of Postiguet Beach, in the heart of Paseo de Gómiz.

Alicante will capture the attention of triathlon lovers on a weekend without rain but with low temperatures.

The Plaza del Ayuntamiento will be the nerve center of the competition from Saturday, April 2 at 16.30:XNUMX p.m. Time in which the collection of numbers and delivery of the material opens, and in which the triathletes, arriving from all over Spain, will fill the city to enjoy the first triathlon of the season in the Valencian Community.

The competition, played in mHalf modality (1500 m – 89.4 km – 21 km) as well as Aquabike (1500 m – 89.4 km), has figures from our national triathlon of the stature of Gurutze Frades, 5 times champion of Spain LD, 4 times finisher in Kona and with a time of less than 9 hours in IRONMAN.

Peru Alfaro, 2 times champion of Spain LD, bronze in the European Championship LD, and with several podiums in IRONMAN. Pakillo Fernandez, regular of ICAN Triathlon, or the Autonomous Champion, Santiago Martinez, who comes to Alicante with the intention of revalidating his title of Regional Middle Distance Champion.

Regional Middle Distance and Aquabike Championship

But the test will not only reveal the Regional Media Champion. It will also be decided at ICAN Triathlon Alicante who will be the Champion and Autonomous Champion of Aquabike.

In this sense, it is the first competition in this modality that is held in the Valencian Community and all expectations have been exceeded, with 110 participants who will start next Sunday.

The Aquabike modality involves completing the swimming and cycling segments, in the same distance as the triathletes of the Half start. The entry into T2 of these participants and the passage through the time mat, once the bicycle has been left, will mark the finish line of the first and first classified.

The favorites to win the regional trophy in Media Distance are Santiago Martínez from 2XTRI in the men's category, and Cristina de la Torre from CEC Antella – Frutas Tono – Alejandro Sanz, in women.

In Aquabike mode, given its debut in the competition, the podium is an unknown quantity that we will know around 12.20:XNUMX pm on Sunday, when the arrival of the first classified at the finish line is expected.

The competition will end at 15.30:3 p.m. on Sunday, April XNUMX, with the delivery of the half trophies. Two hours before, the Aquabike award ceremony will take place in the Plaza del Ayuntamiento.

Despite the weather conditions that will mainly mean lower temperatures, the weekend is expected without rain, and the Organization is confident that the competition will be held as planned.

The safety of the participants is the main objective of this organization. Therefore, as the weather progresses, the appropriate measures will be taken, if necessary, together with the official committee of the Triathlon Federation of the Valencian Community.

Where to see live ICAN Triathlon Alicante?

The competition, which is also scored for the MD National Ranking, can be followed live through the FTCV Live at http://live.triatlocv.org/.

The departure is scheduled for 08:30 on Sunday, April 3.

ICAN Triathlon Alicante has the support of the Alicante City Council, the Alicante Provincial Council, the Ministry of Education for Culture and Sports, the Valencian Community Tourism, the Spanish Triathlon Federation, the Valencian Community Triathlon Federation, and the technical partners NutriSport, Austral and 42K Running and Transvia Travel.

More information https://www.icantriathlon.com/

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