The twelfth edition of the Vitoria-Gasteiz Triathlon, the best of all.

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Near 10 Millions of Euros of economic impact has meant for Vitoria the celebration of the test

 This is declared by the organization. Eduardo Martínez, the director of the test, says that in the 2018 edition all the improvements implemented in recent years for improvement of the quality of the event and the attention transmitted to the triathletes.

In addition, the Triathlon has seen its number of participants increase. Registrations have been raised to 2.598 and the organization is considering the increase of Full registrations until completing the 3.000.

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To guarantee the correct development of the test, we counted on 1.471 people who were part of the organization during the four days of the test, distributed as follows: 184 people in transition areas, 156 radio amateurs in control of cycling section, 84 people in control of crossings in Circuit Race on foot, 94 Moto-links, 238 people in Refreshments, 174 people in infrastructure assembly, 45 truck drivers, vans and buses, 13 Career Head Guides, 77 people in Meta and post services, 25 Massage, 42 people in attendance to the Triathlete, 30 judges of the Spanish Federation, 75 doctors and health, 60 local police, 45 agents sworn, 23 Hostesses, 25 Ertzaintzas, 30 pirogues and 51 accredited media (22 photographers, 11 cameras and 18 reporters).

Exceeded the objectives of the economic impact

The 2018 edition of Triathlon of Vitoria-Gasteiz It has been the most complete in every way, being unanimously valued by both participants, citizens and organizers. To cover an event as special as this, 27 press releases in 3 languages ​​and 16 informative newsletters have been sent, 8 own-label videos have been produced and more than 500 appearances in the media have been recorded for an impact. € 2.230.000 in national media only.

An event of the magnitude of the Vitoria-Gasteiz Triathlon supposes an undoubted economic impact for the city, that in this edition has been of a total of 9.386.331 €, derived from the 9.488 people that have visited Vitoria-Gasteiz between participants and companions, counting an total of 24.004 overnight stays.

The city of Vitoria-Gasteiz and in general the province of Álava have turned one more year with the most important test of its sports calendar and for the correct development of it has counted with the collaboration of entities such as IRSE, Asamma, Sida Alava, Club Ascentium - Aratri, Maldan Gora Club, Arabarrak Sports Club, Stadium Foundation, Alava Triathlon Federation, Alava Canoe Federation, Vitoria Nautical Club, Adayeta Swimming Club, Goiena Mountain Club, Local Police, Ertzaintza, Miñones, Service Rescue of the Ertzaintza, Rescue and Fire Service of Vitoria, National Police or DYA.

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