Inés Santiago second in the Altafulla European Cup, 5 Spanish in the TOP 10

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The North American Summer Cook has led the test from start to finish

Altafulla has become today the Triathlon capital with the dispute of the Paratriathlon World Cup as well as the Elite Sprint Triathlon European Cup (also Mediterranean Championship) where we had to 32 triathletes on the start line of the European Cup

In the test Summer Cook she has been the clear dominator of the event, which she has led from start to finish getting the victory in a time of 1: 03: 08, followed by the Spanish Inés Santiago (1: 04: 30) and by the Italian Ilaria Zane (1: 03: 38).

With this second position Inés Santiago has proclaimed herself Mediterranean Champion 2017

The rest of Spanish women had a great performance where Cecilia Santamaría (1: 05: 51) in fourth position, Melina Alonso (1: 06: 35) fifth, Ana Mariblanca (1: 06: 35) seventh and Laura Gomez (1: 06: 57) ninth

  Female Podium Campeoanto Mediterrano triatlion altafulla

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Photo: @triatlonsp

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