Registration open for the Mediterranean Epic Triathlon

One of the great novelties of this edition is the inclusion of the FULL distance,

The inscriptions for the Mediterranean Epic Triathlon, which will be disputed May 25 and 26, 2024, They are already open.  

This year with FULL test 

One of the great novelties of this edition is the inclusion of the FULL distance, which adds to the already known HALF, Olympic y Sprint. 

In addition, they will be released new routes for FULL and HALF distances, which adds a touch of excitement and challenge to the event. 

Distance Swimming Cycling Foot Race
FULL 3.800m 180 Km 42km
HALF 1.900m 86 Km 21Km
Olympic 1.500m 40km 10km
Sprint 750m 20km 5km

Club Incentives 

To encourage the participation of clubs, the organization offers special discounts that can reach up to 20%, depending on the number of participants who contribute. 


The prices are very competitive: the FULL distance has an initial cost of €199, the HALF €129, the Olympic €68 and the Sprint €45. 

Distance Starting price
FULL €199
HALF €129
Olympic €68
Sprint €45

Sign up through their Official Site 

Words from the Organizers 

According to Hector de la Cagiga, director of Publicom Sport Events, “

Long distance has always been there as the ultimate goal, but for various reasons the necessary conditions were not met to offer an event worthy of what we had in mind.

Now yes, by 2024 we are sure of being able to make that dream come true, with guarantees of offering a test with spectacular, safe routes, and with an organization dedicated to caring for the triathlete.". 

Event Location 

The event will take place in Oropesa del Mar and Cabanes, two towns that offer a perfect combination for an event of these characteristics. 

Postgoal Environment 

The atmosphere at the finish line will be unforgettable, with live music, entertainment and a final refreshment that will include everything from paella to sliced ​​Iberian ham. 


The event will distribute a total of €15.000 in prizes, distributed equally between the male and female categories. 

FULL distance (Total purse: 10.000 EUR)

Classification General Men General Women
1 º 2.500 EUR 2.500 EUR
2 º 1.200 EUR 1.200 EUR
3 º 700 EUR 700 EUR
4 º 400 EUR 400 EUR
5 º 200 EUR 200 EUR

HALF Distance (Total purse: 5.000 EUR)

Classification General Men General Women
1 º 1.400 EUR 1.400 EUR
2 º 700 EUR 700 EUR
3 º 400 EUR 400 EUR

Tourism in Oropesa del Mar 

If you plan to go sightseeing, Oropesa del Mar offers beautiful beaches and a wide variety of sporting activities, from hiking to water sports, making it the perfect destination for family members accompanying triathletes. 


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