Ironman 70.3 Portugal-Cascais surpasses the record of enrolled in a test that opens in the Ironman circuit

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The competition will be held in Portugal on September 3 and already exceeds the 1.894 entries achieved in 2014 by the Ironman 70.3 Galway, in Ireland.

Visiting Cascais at the invitation of the company organizing the Ironman 70.3 Portugal-Cascais 3 Iron Sports, the Managing Director of Ironman, Agustí Pérez, read these numbers as a good omen for the success of the event. “This organization shows a lot of desire to do and give its best, especially to show the identity of Portugal and Cascais”. The person in charge does not forget that “there is no better example of the good work that is being done than the interest shown by so many athletes. All the investment in time and money is necessary to organize a test of world magnitude and that is already having excellent results."

On the other hand, the Regional Director of South Europe and Middle East of Ironman Erwin Dokter Torres, believes in the success of the first edition of the Portuguese event. “It is a win to win situation because everyone benefits. There are excellent hotels, the people give all the necessary support, there is a close relationship with all the entities involved. “Everyone is very proactive, which represents a positive energy for the event”, explains Torres, satisfied with what he is seeing in Cascais. “In all areas of the organization's competence, we are seeing a perfect example!"

For Jorge Pereira, director of the organizing company 3 Iron Sports, “This is the sign that we are providing a great service to triathlon in Portugal, we are proud to have surpassed this world record" and adds: "We have the best conditions to welcome sports tourism in Cascais, not only for the date of the test, but for the whole year. Of course, the growth of the modality in the world has an important influence on the result, but we are confident that we have spread the image of Portugal well, of what we have to offer athletes and the unique experience that we offer them.”

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