IRONMAN Barcelona runs out of numbers 6 months after the test

Half a year left for test IROMAN Barcelona on October 2 and registration has already sold out.

This great sporting event, which is part of the triathlon series organized by The IRONMAN Group, will have the start and finish point in the town of Calella de Mar, north of Barcelona, from where the athletes will travel –first by swimming, then by bike and finally by running– various points of the historic Maresme coast, always with the Mediterranean as a backdrop.

With 90% foreign participation –among which 24% of those registered from the United Kingdom stand out– there are already almost 4.000 who have been encouraged to participate in one of the last IRONMAN of the European season.

An proof that it is known for good weather conditions that usually occur around these dates on the Mediterranean coast, where the warm and sunny days last until well into autumn.

Even so, the characteristics of the route are not only remarkable for its coastal landscapes and pleasant temperatures; also highlights a terrain with very little unevenness and low technical difficulty, ideal to start in IRONMAN races or, alternatively, have the possibility of breaking a new personal record in a test where times of less than 8 hours are often recorded.

An unbeatable way to end the season and fight for the 40 qualifying slots available for the IRONMAN World Championship in Hawaii.

The same day will be held on 70.3

That same Sunday the IRONMAN 70.3 Barcelona test will also take place, with which the total number of registered people rises above 5.500.

Among all the participants, it is worth highlighting some data: this year the number of repeaters has slightly increased, whether from last year or from previous seasons. Despite this, the thickness of the participants, almost 80%, will do it for the first time.

The participation of athletes from clubs also increases, which in 2021 meant 16% of participation and this year they become 28%.

Female participation, on the other hand, remains stable between 12% and 13%, the same as in past editions.

The increase in French participants (10% more than in the previous edition), Ireland and Germany (with 5% more respectively) should be noted.

In any case, the main profile is that of independent runners who, attracted by the atmosphere of the Maresmenca coast and the characteristics of this race on the beach – where there will be great expectations during the course and at the finish line – have decided sign up for the challenge.

IRONMAN Vitoria-Gasteiz: A good option before Barcelona

For all those who have been wanting to participate in an IRONMAN in Spain –or just one is not enough– there are still some places available for the July 10 edition in the capital of Alava.

Being one of the most prestigious tests on the Peninsula, this triathlon is also done on relatively simple terrain, where it is possible to move quickly and make good marks.

Starting at the Ullibarri-Gamboa lake, within the Landa Provincial Park, the route continues with the bicycle section, which will take place in the green and soft landscapes that characterize the Basque Country, even passing through some sections of the Camino de Santiago .

Finally, the marathon will take place inside the historic center of Vitoria, where the local atmosphere –with a population willing to passionately cheer on all the athletes– is unbeatable.

Despite the fact that IRONMAN Vitoria-Gasteiz is held on summer dates, the temperate climate of the north provides optimal conditions for the competition, with average temperatures of 19 °C.

In addition, after the test you can take the opportunity to visit more calmly a city that dates back almost a thousand years and contains great medieval, Gothic, Renaissance, neoclassical and modern wonders.

The quality of the local gastronomy cannot be ignored either, characterized by a wide variety of products prepared in a traditional way, perfect to enjoy with friends or family. An ideal opportunity to compete in a unique IRONMAN!

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