Ironman in New York at 2012 will be the most expensive triathlon in the world

Participating in the first Ironman in New York could cost US $ 1.000, a figure that would make it the most expensive triathlon in the world.

Officials at World Triathlon Corp., Ironman's holding company, said they will have to spend "several million" dollars on permits, policing, medical personnel and other race-related expenses for next year's endurance event.

"We are still in the process of receiving all final bids and contracts," Steve Meckfessel, World Triathlon COO, said in an interview. Company spokespersons said the 226,2-mile race will be held in the New York metropolitan area on August 11, 2012. The athletes will race through parts of New York and the suburbs of New York and New Jersey.

In addition to permitting expenses, organizers plan to charter six barges to be located on the Hudson River and used for the start of the 2,4-mile (3,86-kilometer) swim portion. A platform will also be built over the river so swimmers can get out of the water and begin the 112-mile (180-kilometer) stretch by bike in Fort Lee, New Jersey.


The costs will exceed those of other Ironman events, such as the World Championships in Kona, Hawaii and the European Championships in Frankfurt, Germany, Meckfessel said. The entry fee for a normal Ironman event is US $ 575. "Take $ 750 for granted," Meckfessel said. «Most of our prices in the world are around US $ 600. It will be more than that. The company hopes to have a designated corporate lead sponsor before the race, said director of sales Mike Pine. "Being in New York, there is a great opportunity with major sponsors that we were unable to attract previously," he said. "This is where factors such as airlines, hotel chains, health insurance or even a partner in alcoholic beverages come in."

Registration for the race will open on June 15, in order of arrival. Around 2.500 professional and amateur athletes will participate. "In the first year of a triathlon, you really don't know what can move the race," said John Korff, president of Korff Enterprises, which will organize the race in association with World Triathlon. "The number of participants could grow to 2.800 or 3.200, or even 3.500."

The New York Ironman Race is organized in association with the Robin Hood Foundation, a charity that helps fund programs and groups to combat poverty in New York. The goal is to raise US $ 250.000 this year for the work.



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